The quest to find the right mattress is a personal and intimate journey. It’s accomplishment can be as easy as learning your A, B, Zzz’s. This endeavor is achieved by combining the science and technology with the corporeal comfort of each unique individual. It is the perfect marriage.
The appropriate mattress determines wether you are optimally performing everyday, all day. You (a person?) spend more time in bed, on your mattress, than anywhere else —- one third of your life, in fact. If you are not getting 7-to-9 hours of deep restorative sleep every night, deprivation can cause a multitude of issues, including lack of focus and concentration, forgetfulness, weight gain, and yes, even heart attack and stroke.
Hard to believe that the appropriate mattress is the catalyst for a better quality of life? Well, it is irrefutably true! Let’s think of ourselves as the most precious of all elements of our day —- the almighty cell phone. It is our lifeline. It is unthinkable to leave home without it. But, if it is not charged up every night, of what use Is It to us? I cease to exist. In the same way, if we are not “recharged” every night, we are not living our optimal life.
There is a proven technique that takes the fear and apprehension out of selecting the perfect mattress. The type of mattress —- innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, air mattress, plush, firm, pillowtop —- does not matter. What is imperative is that your mattress is the correct one for you. The goal is to select a mattress that is both supportive for your body type and seduces you to a night of rejuvenated REM sleep.
The quest cannot be achieved by answering a few generic questions on a website, reading reviews, researching useless specs, or listening to friends and family recommendations. It is only attained by a professional evaluation and fitting from an expert in this field —- one with decades of experience and success. Imagine being able to walk into any retail establishment equipped with the knowledge and confidence to lead the process of this stalwart decision.