Person’s Age and Mattress Selection.

How important is mattress’s firmness/softness for different age groups? Does my age dictate my comfort level? And the answer is YES.

We are going through our life cycle – our bodies and their needs change every year and therefore the comfort preference changes. As a mistake, we are always looking for an advice from somebody, who obviously knows more.  Instead we should listen to our own bodies and this is imperative when you are trying to find the right mattress for yourself – This is my advice!

I developed guidelines for THE COMFORT and AGE which are based on observations and built on 35 years of experience in selling mattresses. I have served thousands of people from every walk of life.

Please, make your own judgement about COMFORT.  SUPPORT is a MUST to every age group.

I would refer you to read the article  Comfort and Support to understand the difference and importance of both.

The following is my guidelines while helping customers:

  • 0-10 years – The mattress should be on a softer side.

Most children like softer mattresses. They like to feel cuddled and comfortable. Don’t forget that their bones are growing – they also need the right alignment. Some parents think firm is better, not necessarily. Kids are running around all day; muscles are being exerted and stretched to the maximum. So, when kids go to bed, muscles are recovering and growing. They need comfortable bed and a proper support even more than adults. Don’t go to extremes – not too soft not too firm.  For proper support – follow my Technique. 

  • 11-20 years –Any comfort level from medium soft to medium firm.

Take the weight of the person into consideration. Lighter weight – go with a softer mattress, heavier weight – consider firmer.

For proper support – follow my Technique.

  • 21-40 years – Your comfort- is your personal preference – the widest range from plush to firm.

At this age our bodies reach their peak bone mass, and it is important to maintain and support our good posture while walking, standing, sitting or lying down. We need good rest to be ready for the next day at work. So, you really want to find the best mattress.

Take the weight of the person into consideration. Lighter weight – go with a softer mattress, heavier weight – consider firmer.

Don’t forget your spine alignment which requires proper support. Follow my Technique.

  • 41-60 years. – Medium soft to medium firm.

The body is changing. The muscle mass is decreasing. Sometimes you are experiencing aches and pains, you have never had before. What the body could handle few years ago might not feel comfortable today. So, a lot of people in this age bracket believe that firm is the best mattress for them. The firm mattress might just right. But try something softer, how does it feel, are you getting the support. If the slightly softer mattress is fulfilling the major criteria of comfort and support, consider the option. Remember on a slightly softer mattress, the pressure points are less, blood flow is improved. For proper support – Follow my Technique.

  • 61 + years – This is the life cycle – we are back to softer mattress.

As mentioned previously the muscle mass is decreasing, bones are more fragile. The body needs more pressure relief – and with this instance I would recommend going for a softer mattress BUT I noticed that people of this age are tending to firmer mattresses – the main reason is: IT IS EASIER TO GET UP FROM A FIRMER MATTRESS.  So, for this age group – you need best of both worlds – the combination of soft and firm. The mattress industry offers it as a CUSHION FIRM or LUXURY FIRM mattress which tend to be softer on top. Make sure the mattress you select gives you proper support. Follow my Technique.