The Mattress Shopping Guide is a step-by-step tool that will educate, prepare and navigate you, the consumer, through the mattress selection process. Visiting a mattress showroom is a key part of this process. With all the bases covered, you will be confident with your mattress choice. The right mattress means a productive and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Let’s start the journey!

  1. Decide What Mattress Size You Need.
  2. Decide What Mattress Foundation You Need.
  3. Consider Budget.
  4. Plan Your Visit To The Store.
  5. Mattress Test Drive.
  6. Finalizing Your Purchase.

1. Decide What Mattress Size You Need.

King or Queen? Queen or Full? Full or Twin? Learn the dimensions of standard mattresses. Consider the following when making a decision on the size of the mattress:

  • Size of the room. Measure the overall room width and length, the door and closet openings, access to windows and heaters, and the existing or newly intended furniture. Measure the wall where you plan to place the bed. Do you want two nightstands? Take the dimensions with you in case you need a salesperson’s help.
  • Mattress Height. Keep in  mind that mattress height, which may vary from 6″ to 18″ and more, will affect the total height of your bed. The mattress usually requires a foundation (read Mattress Foundation) which accordingly adds to the height. Therefore, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
  1. How high is it from the floor to the top of your current mattress? Is the current height comfortable for you to get in and out of bed easily? A good rule of thumb, is when standing next to your bed with no shoes on, the top of the mattress should hit your knee or a little higher.
  2. How high from the floor are the slats that your current foundation or box spring rests on?

2. Decide What Mattress Foundation You Need.

Mattress requires a foundation/support. First: having the right foundation is important for the mattress warranty. Second: you want to determine total height of your future bed – from the floor to the top of the mattress. Below is the checklist which will help you to be prepared for shopping:

  • What kind of bed do you have or are planning to have? Is it a standard or platform bed?
  • Are you satisfied with a standard flat box support or do you want an adjustable base?
  • What is a comfortable height for you from the floor to the top of the mattress?

3. Consider Budget.

Money is a very sensitive topic. You work hard every day to earn it, and you want to be sure that you invest it wisely. However, the truth is, in mattress industry, the better products cost more money. Be prepared to pay for the mattress. Below are some factors which determine the mattress price.

consider budget when shopping for a new mattress
  • Mattress Size. Price on a mattress is proportionate to a size. The difference between a QUEEN and a KING mattress is $350 or $400 minimum. There is no big difference in price for QUEEN and FULL – maybe $50-$80. Same about FULL and TWIN – around $50-$70. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a  KING size bed, be ready to spend the most.
  • Components and Materials. Mattresses are the most complicated product – you cannot see what is inside. Nevertheless, it affects the quality. The inside of the mattress is a support system which delivers alignment to your body and a great night’s sleep. Memory foam, latex, natural materials (cotton, wool), stronger coils, cooling technology – all these add to mattress cost.
  • Country of origin/production. Be sure to ask where the mattress was made. It’s about safety and health regulations.

Buying a mattress- it is not only mattress cost. There are some extras which add to the price.

  • Foundation. Box spring, bunkie board, metal frame or adjustable base are not included in the mattress price. It’ll be added to the price and depends what bed you have or going to buy.
  • Mattress protector. It’s an important part of hygiene.
  • Sheets. Buying a new mattress or replacing the old one – don’t forget to add the cost of new bed sheets!!!

4. Plan Your Visit To The Store.

Things to know when shopping for a mattress in the store
  • Take Mattress Quiz. It doesn’t matter if a mattress is for yourself, couple, guest room or family member – the QUIZ will give recommendations for mattress shopping. Firm or Soft, Memory foam or Hybrid – you will find answers and you can print results or download them on your phone and take with you to the store.
  •  Wear comfortable clothes. You will be getting on and off of mattresses, lying down in a public space. Loose fitting pants and top will best mimic sleeping clothes, and not have you be concerned about modesty.
  • Be ready to spend time. There is a process. It may take you 40-60minutes to spend in the store to make your best choice.
  • Bring your partner. If the mattress is for a couple it is better to go shopping together. So, that the best compromise can be made if you don’t have the same sleeping requirements. If the mattress is for somebody else be considerate. A guest room should have a mattress suitable for all body weights, types and preferences. Children are not equipped to make a viable choice. Choose based on the sleeping position and weight of the child.

5. Mattress Test Drive.

Mattress Shopping Guide - mattress test drive

Shopping for a mattress in a store reminds me of shopping for a car at the dealership – hundreds of cars on the parking lot, different makes, models, styles, colors. How to decide -what car to start with? Are you overwhelmed? Are you excited? Of course, you are, but you did your homework and you know your requirements. It works the same with mattresses.

So, you are in a mattress store or a mattress department:

  • Ask for a mattress professional don’t be shy, you will need the help of a knowledgeable salesperson to navigate you toward the right choice.
  • State your requirements and preferencesMattress Quiz Results is your requirements summary – your preferred sleeping positions, preferred “feel” of a mattress. Reveal any physical limitations or incapacities. Be honest about any disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, etc. Share your personal preferences, such as reading, watching TV, or working on a laptop in bed. All these factors are considered in coming to a mattress and support choice.
  • Start MATTRESS TEST DRIVE– It is a test and it means THE PERFECT MATTRESS should fill in all the points on the checklist.

Mattress Test Drive Checklist.