Mattress choice and Sleep Cycle is one of the important subjects in the Mattress School.  The understanding of Sleep Cycle gives you an idea what your GOOD NIGHT SLEEP is about and what happens if you break Sleep Cycle. Feeling drowsy during the day, sleep deprivation can noticeably affect people’s performance, including their ability to think clearly, react quickly, and form memories.

According to the scientific research of sleep we are cycling through two types of sleep -non-REM and REM sleep, where REM is RAPID EYE MOVEMENT.     Non-Rem is consisting of four stages – two of them are light sleep and the other two are DEEP SLEEP. The whole cycle repeats 5 to 6 times through the night.

Let’s review Sleep Cycle stages:

Light sleep – stage 1 and 2.

You start with a light sleep – it is between being awake and falling asleep but going further your body temperature drops down and your breathing and heart rate slow down, your muscles are relaxed (it is important to mention if you have an adjustable base with zero gravity preset position – it’ll do the same thing for you- you will get to the second stage of non-REM sleep faster – it will help you to fall asleep).

Deep Sleep -stage 3 and 4.

Then we are moving to the stages three and four – when our brain waves and our body temperature, breathing and heartbeat hit their lowest levels and we are in our DEEP SLEEP.

We are more interested in non-REM sleep, particularly in stage 4 when our deepest sleep happens. DEEP SLEEP is a vital healing stage where our body is getting recharged (the easiest word in our gadget world to explain how it is important to charge the battery otherwise it is impossible to function). While we are in the DEEP SLEEP stage our body gets the best rest and restores the tissues, bones and muscles, our immune system is getting stronger.

REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep)

Then happens our ”DREAM” part of the night -REM sleep, when the brain is “active” again, but our body are paralyzed so we won’t act during our dreams. While we dream, we simultaneously process and store information, making this stage critical for learning and memory. Our brains are active in REM, balancing a dreamy state with absorbing information we’ve been exposed to throughout the day.

This is a powerful stage, hence the expression of wanting to “sleep on it” before making an important decision. It also balances our mood. REM makes up about 25% of our sleep cycle and first occurs 70 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep. Signals are sent to the brain’s cerebral cortex, which is responsible for learning, thinking, and organizing information.


We all know about the factors affecting good night sleep like: eating late, drinking alcohol, using cell phones and tablets, bright light and etc..

But the wrong mattress choice may affect Sleep Cycle and turn your night into night full of horrors – if you are not properly supported and the mattress is not comfortable for you – you will be turning and tossing and every time you do this the whole process of you trying to get through sleep cycles and reach deep sleep are disrupted and you are caught in an endless loop.

The right mattress should keep you in the same position without shifting as long as possible so you can get the most of all the stages of sleep cycle and wake up refreshed and energized.