Choosing the right mattress does not have to be stressful, does not require hours of research, and does not mean multiple visits to mattress stores. There is a proven method that will guide you through the process, and the journey begins right here with the Mattress Buying Guide.

My name is Sunny, and I have been on the front lines of the mattress industry since 1984. Having worked with tens of thousands of customers, and having heard all their concerns and skepticism when it comes to purchasing a new mattress, has led me to developing this tried and true, common-sense approach  to mattress selection.

There are two basic requirements of a mattress — comfort and support .  And we will focus on what is right for you. You, the end-user, the consumer, the purchaser. You, with your specific needs and challenges. You, with a budget. This web-site was created for you.

My opinions do not matter, but yours does. I am here to guide and educate. I am not a doctor who is going to prescribe a magic mattress that will take all your ailments and sleep deprivation away, but I am here to prescribe your best choice.

Being in retail mattress {and furniture} sales, I do get my knowledge from consumers like you, from manufacturers, from the factories, and from research. I conduct my own research from customers with experience feedback from before, during and after mattress selection, so that I am confident that I am serving correctly.  I am the top in my field, and have put many people to sleep — and not only from my persona.

What I am not:  I am not the guy comfortably sitting in his home giving his opinion on what you should buy (I don’t even know you). I am not hoping to sway you one way or another to a specific mattress or manufacture with a commission incentive. I am not going to spew industry rhetoric of cooling foams, of blue foam vs. white, of organic vs. synthetic, of memory foam vs. coil, or that extra ½” of foam being the end-all. Confusion = Huge Profits.

What I am is a teacher in the field that I love and will present you with a Mattress Quiz. I am a believer that sleep is just as important to overall health as diet and exercise, and that the gateway to a good night’s sleep is the perfect mattress. I am here to take the confusion and mystery out of choosing a mattress.