Buying a mattress is one of the most important decisions and investments for your personal well-being. Let’s make an informed intelligent choice.

The mattress industry’s terminology and rhetoric can be confusing. Mattress retailer, department store, wholesale clubs, on-line, and the unthinkable — an electronics store? Claims are the same. They all seem to have the best mattress at the best price with the best “stuff” inside of them. This confusion is a devious plan within the mattress industry, with the intention of making huge profits from the consumer’s confusion.


Manufactures offer the latest scientific breakthrough with exclusive materials and specifications. Well, guess what? Everyone is exclusive because the same properties are called by different names. For example, manufacturers patent names as “air cool memory foam” or “cooling memory foam” or “cooling gel memory foam”. And let’s not forget the coil counts! Let’s add those up. Who is the winner? Certainly not the consumer.

You spend one third of your life in bed with the purpose of recharging. Each day is only as successful as the previous night’s sleep. Choosing the right mattress is the most important decision and investment for your personal well-being, and it must be an informed and intelligent decision.