How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost or How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress?

This is a question you may have when you decide to shop for a new mattress. There are so many choices: types, brands, etc.  How do you compare mattresses and their prices? Mattress is one of the most complicated and confusing products in retail business. You cannot see what is inside and what is the grading system for the quality and price.

too many mattress choices

I’d like to give you, the consumer, an explanation on what to expect from the mattress cost at a certain price range. Manufacture’s mattress price is based on a quantity and a quality of products/materials used to make a mattress. Manufactures compete with each other, implementing new materials and technologies to win the market. Retail and on-line stores would make a price higher, so, then,  they can attract you and influence your decision with  magic words: SALE and DISCOUNT. And sometimes, THE BIGGEST DISCOUNT you are getting IS NOT THE BEST DEAL!!!

To understand how retail influences your decision to make a purchase I’d like to present you the grading system of mattress costs. It is based on main components and main features, which should be in a mattress at a certain price range. The quality of the material or the feature (if it presents in a mattress at a certain price range) is reflected in words from Average to Best.

There are so many different  mattress types, but there are two, which prevail on the market:

Coil/Innerspring Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses. 

Each mattress type will be offered for comparison in two different tables.  The first table presents the Key Components/Ingredients, which are used to build a mattress at a specific price range. The second table presents Key Features, which a mattress should provide at a specific price range.  The pricing is based on a QUEEN SIZE mattress price (mattress only). The words: AVERAGE, GOOD, PREMIUM and BEST describe the quality of the component or the feature.

 Coil/Innerspring Mattresses. pocketed coils

Bedding manufacturers use different technology at different price points. For example, some manufacturers use foam encasement in every price point while others will use as steel edge system at most price points. Do not get hung up on coil count as each manufacturer uses their own unique coil system. You can only compare coil count when comparing 2 mattresses made by the same brand! Focus more on the support that the mattress offers you while providing proper spinal alignment.

Coil Mattress Key Components

wdt_ID COMPONENT $1-$299 $300-$599 $600-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$2499 $2500-$3999 $4000+
COMPONENT $1-$299 $300-$599 $600-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$2499 $2500-$3999 $4000+

Coil Mattress Key Features

wdt_ID Features $1-$299 $300-$599 $600-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$2499 $2500-$3999 $4000+
Features $1-$299 $300-$599 $600-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$2499 $2500-$3999 $4000+

Memory Foam Mattress. memory foam mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Key Components

wdt_ID COMPONENT $1-$499 $500-$999 $1000-$1499 $1500-$1999 $2000-$2499 $2500-$3999 $4000+
COMPONENT $1-$499 $500-$999 $1000-